Ninja Betrayed (AudiobookFormat) 4 stars

Lily’s mother has been summoned by her grandfather, Gung-Gung, to attend an emergency board meeting, …

A fun variation on the crime thriller

4 stars

I suspect this book won't change anyone's life, but it may distract you for a few hours. The plucky heroine is a "modern Ninja", which seems to be a hypothetical martial-arts discipline with strong aspects of mindfulness and meditation. Her family is a rich Hong Kong business family while she is born and raised in the USA. The writing about Hong Kong culture and politics feels fairly authentic to me, but I'm an outsider. There is some romance, and the heroine deals with some issues of intimacy and trust. I liked the fact that Lily is a skilled fighter, but also realistic about her chances when outnumbered by larger attackers. Probably the most intellectually interesting part for me was when Lilly talks about the ethics of extracting information from someone who is clearly romantically interested in her.