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Dans Mon Catalogue is a tiny bookwyrm instance where people can socially-but-not-too-socially review books. It is a part of the fediverse that uses activitypub.

Dans Mon Catalogue registration is closed

Due to the amount of spamming received despite having a custom question, and the amount of sabotaging public data by some of the recently joined users, the registration is now closed. You could still contact the admin on mastodon if you wish to join.

Recent Books

The Kingdom of Gods (2011) 4 stars

The Kingdom of Gods


The Kingdom of Gods is a fantasy novel by American writer N. K. Jemisin, the third book of her Inheritance trilogy.

Cypherpunk visions and trends 2023-2025 (EBook) 4 stars

Cypherpunk visions and trends 2023-2025


Cypherpunks are a global community that believes in using cryptographic technologies to enhance human cooperation, protect against coercion, and improve the human condition. This book explores the challenges and future potential of these technologies, as well as other trends that could shape our future. Topics include Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, …