The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January/February 2022


English language

Published Dec. 31, 2021 by Spilogate, Inc..

3 stars (1 review)

2 editions

An average issue of F&SF with some interesting stories.

3 stars

An average issue with some interesting stories by Eugie Foster, Nick Dichario, Auston Habershaw, Maiga Doocy and J. A. Pak.

  • "The Art of Victory When the Game Is All the World" by Eugie Foster: in a future where sentient beings are created as mixtures of desires and handicaps to be played in an arena, two creators duel via their creations. But through their creations, they world learn desires, pain and love in unexpected ways.

  • "Ennead in Retrospect" by Christopher Mark Rose: on a station in the far future, furniture and utensils may familiar, but are now capable of doing much more in the hands of their users.

  • "Animale dei Morti" by Nick Dichario: an interesting take set in Italy about a family tradition that threatens to be broken. To prevent it, a man must visit a witch to raise his brother from the dead, which causes all kinds of other …