The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March/April 2023


English language

Published Feb. 28, 2023 by Spilogale, Inc...

3 stars (1 review)

1 edition

An average issue of F&SF

3 stars

An average issue with interesting stories by Tade Thompson, Jonathan Louis Duckworth, Nuzo Onoh, Eleanor Arnason, Mathew Lebowitz, Kathleen Jennings and an unusual urban fantasy piece by Peter S. Beagle.

  • "The Sweet In The Empty" by Tade Thompson: a fantasy story involving a quest by a father and his son for a fabled oasis. But what they do there would involve freedom, sacrifice and, later, vengeance.

  • "The Station Master" by Lavie Tidhar: a short episode in the life of a station master in charge of a small train station on Mars.

  • "Spookman" by Jonathan Louis Duckworth: an interesting tale of a man who can see and talk to ghosts, who is given the job of finding the son of a local bullying leader in an unusual forest. In there, he finds plenty of horror, but also a boy who does not want to return home. Resolving the dilemma would take …