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Arts grantmaker living in Austin, TX. Jazz, museums, pre-Kurtzman Star Trek, so forth and such as. Also in the fediverse at

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The Glass Hotel (2020, Knopf) 4 stars

Vincent is a bartender at the Hotel Caiette, a five-star lodging on the northernmost tip …

Strangely compelling

4 stars

I felt like I never really understood what this book was about the whole time I was reading it, and yet I found it strangely compelling. I got sad as I saw the end of the book approaching. I think I'll be returning to this one.

Playing changes (2018) No rating

One of jazzs leading critics gives us an invigorating, richly detailed portrait of the artists …

If it was youthful idealism that had [Brad] Mehldau determined to plant his flag on the right side of history, maybe it was youthful arrogance that led him to toss around words like "fascism" when peering over at the other side. In any case, he was painfully self-aware about the meager contribution he and his generation would be able to make within the given constraints of the art form.

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