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My usual fare in reading is fantasy and science-fiction, with an occasional foray into historical fiction or biographies.

I recently finished re-reading Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar novels. I also enjoy Jasper Fforde's surrealist humor. And I somehow bored my way through the first book of "The Realmgate Wars".. not bothering with the rest of that series.

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reviewed Ilium by Dan Simmons

Ilium (2005, HarperTorch) 4 stars

From the author of the Hyperion Cantos -- one of the most acclaimed popular series …

Like 3 novels in 1

4 stars

"Illium" is a good SF book, with some interesting concepts.

It's a bit difficult to give an excerpt, because the book has three separate storylines. Only two of them come together, and even that only happens at the end.

The first storyline is that of Thomas Hockenberry, Ph.D., and is told in a first-person perspective. He is a scholar of classical literature and the Greek gods have tasked him with recording the events of the Trojan War. The Greek gods know about Homer's poem but are not allowed to know the contents, hence they set humans to check if the war is unfolding like Homer said it would.

The second storyline is about a group of robot-like beings called moravecs. They live and work at the asteroid belt and beyond. Their leaders have learned that there is a lot of quantum activity going on around Mars, which represents a threat …