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computer scientist, mathematician, photographer, human. Debian Developer, Notmuch Maintainer, scuba diver

Much of my "reading" these days is actually audiobooks while walking.

FediMain: is also me. Trying a smaller instance to see if the delays are less maddening.

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Swordheart (2018, Argyll Productions) 4 stars

Halla is a housekeeper who has suddenly inherited her great-uncle's estate... and, unfortunately, his relatives. …

Formulaic, but in a good way

4 stars

I think I read somewhere about a panel on "Comfort Fiction" that included T. Kingfisher, and the describes this very well. I think if you have read the Paladin series some of this will feel suspiciously familiar, but at the time it was just what I needed.

Goliath (2022, Doherty Associates, LLC, Tom) 5 stars

In the 2050s, Earth has begun to empty. Those with the means and the privilege …

Sure to be banned in Florida, and probably Tennessee as well.

5 stars

Content warning mild spoilers about story arc

The City Inside (Hardcover, 2022, Tordotcom) 5 stars

“They'd known the end times were coming but hadn’t known they’d be multiple choice.”

Joey …

If this is optimism, I'm not ready for pessemism.

5 stars

In an afterword the author describes the setting as a best case near-future (paraphrasing). I think that means the present is pretty bad.

Anyway, if you're up for contemporary fascism and ubiquitous surveillance, the book is worth reading just for a kind of "uncanny-valley" flavour of India, which is almost like our own contemporary mess, but not quite.

I found myself re-reading the last chapter or so to make sure I understood the ending. Compared to some of the more dramatic plot threads, the ending is a bit subtle.

Paladin's Strength (Hardcover, 2021, Argyll Productions) 4 stars

He’s a paladin of a dead god, tracking a supernatural killer across a continent. She’s …

Fluffy but clever

4 stars

I thought the first book was a bit fantasy-autobiography with the nerdy heroine a stand-in for the author. That was probably silly (and maybe a bit condescending) of me. The characters in this are quite different, and I doubt that both heroines (or some combination of protagonists from both books) can be autobiographical.

Kingfisher's writing oozes cleverness, but in a fairly undemanding way. The romance tropes occasionally verge on the self parody, but I can't swear that isn't intentional.

As a fantasy (in the non-romantic sense), the world building and characterization are rather good.

Entertaining, occasionally thought provoking

4 stars

Content warning extremely mild spoilers