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computer scientist, mathematician, photographer, human. Debian Developer, Notmuch Maintainer, scuba diver

Much of my "reading" these days is actually audiobooks while walking.

FediMain: is also me. Trying a smaller instance to see if the delays are less maddening.

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Ancestral Night (Hardcover, 2019, Gallery / Saga Press) 4 stars

Solid space opera

4 stars

It would be unfair to call it derivative but it seems clear the author is an Ian M Banks / Culture novels fan. What makes the book interesting for me is the exploration of the question of "what if effective and precise self-regulation of brain chemistry was possible". This has interesting ripple effects on politics and the definition of personal autonomy.

The Unbroken (Paperback, 2021, Orbit) 4 stars

Touraine is a soldier. Stolen as a child and raised to kill and die for …

Overall I found it decent, but it was a bit of a slog. I think most of the character + world building could have been done with less words. I listened to it on audiobook, which usually makes long books somewhat easier to (passively?) take.