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computer scientist, mathematician, photographer, human. Debian Developer, Notmuch Maintainer, scuba diver

Much of my "reading" these days is actually audiobooks while walking.

FediMain: is also me. Trying a smaller instance to see if the delays are less maddening.

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Maus I, My Father Bleeds History (1987, Deutsch) 5 stars

This is part 1 of of the 2 part Maus series, a graphic novel, possibly …

Another good pick from the McMinn County School Board Book Club

5 stars

This is an important book, and also good. That's my review.

Aside from the making the history of the Holocaust real, it also made me think about graphic novels as an art form. It's interesting how the drawings can fill various "tonal" aspects of the story, while the words can be quite spare.

reviewed In the Woods by Tana French

In the Woods (2007) No rating

As dusk approaches a small Dublin suburb in the summer of 1984, mothers begin to …

more psychological than thriller

5 stars

On the surface a police procedural, but really more a character study. It nonetheless held this lazy readers attention all the way through. At the big reveal (which isn't what you think is the big reveal), I put the book down and and exclaimed something like "Oh wow, that's a bit too much".

I want to read the next in the series, but I need a break first.

Inhibitor Phase (2021, Orion Publishing Group, Limited) No rating

Solid space opera

4 stars

This is space opera in the sense of being about a grand sweep of imagined history.

You probably wouldn't start the series here. If you did you would miss some references to previous books, but the book would overall make sense.

One nice thing about the Revelation space books is that the "sufficiently advanced technology a.k.a. magic" is about working around the limitations of physics, not pretending they don't exist. That means that there is consequences for travel across long distances, which gives the book a kind of "Homeric voyage" texture.

Akata Warrior (2017, Viking) No rating

A year ago, Sunny Nwazue, an American-born girl Nigerian girl, was inducted into the secret …

heroic teens eat delicious food, save world

4 stars

Okorafor constructs a very thought provoking story about identity and insider-vs-outsider without being preachy. There are many different kinds of identity in the book: magical leopard vs non-magical lamb, albino vs "normal", african vs. african-american, Ibo vs. Yoruba. It would be easy to take the albino girl as a metaphor about race, and I think that's true, but it's more subtle and rich than that.

The description of the food made me hungry, and overall the setting of modern Nigeria felt very real. Not without its problems, but a place that one could identify as home with real affection.

The characters also felt real in the sense that they were not just board markers for the fantasy plot but had internal lives.