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Dave Letele's life story

No Excuses

5 stars

This book is subtitled "My story from crime to community and fat to fit", but that's not entirely accurate. What struck me about this book is that it is less one man's story, more a multitude of stories tied together by one man's story. Acres of space are given over to the many other people who have played significant roles in Letele's life. This feels very, very right.

There is inspiration in this book if that is what you are looking for.

There is plenty in this book to infuriate you, too, and I got the impression that Letele was holding back a lot. New Zealand has a very long way to go before we can honestly say that all our people get a fair go. But there is no wallowing in this book, no self-pity. Instead there's a lot of people stepping up where government and society have failed …


4 stars

Very well written, but...

...why drag Atlantis in? If a sinking continent is needed, then the Celtic myth and legend Lawhead is drawing on has plenty to offer. Llyonesse, for example, but Lawhead picks that up and plonks it somewhere around Devon/Dorset, as a new home of Atlantean refugees.

I suppose the Atlantean refugees give a "real world" basis for the Fair Folk, but why, when Lawhead includes druids and their magic?

Disproportionate rant aside, this book is a rollicking good read, with the all-pervading sense of impending doom fictional story in a fictionalised ancient time a very real, very modern, very relatable feel.