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Content warning Spoilery child abuse CW

The Grief of Stones (Hardcover, Tor Books) 5 stars

In The Grief of Stones, Katherine Addison returns to the world of The Goblin …

Mixed Feelings

5 stars

Goblin Emperor and Witness for the Dead are comfort books for me, and I suspect this book will be one too; there’s something about the writing, the worldbuilding, and the way the characters interact with each other that I really like.

However, Witness for the Dead and Grief of Stones are both really clearly detective novels, and the main character has some attitudes around his work that I find distressing. (Note that I don’t think they are necessarily shared by the author, though I don’t know for certain.)

In any case, I found Grief of Stones more stressful than the previous two books.

CW: suicide, rape mention, stillbirth mention, violence

I’m going to reply to this with another CW that’s a bit more spoilery.

The Serpent’s Egg (EBook, 2022, Open road media) 4 stars

Just as hard-fought peace has come to the land of Staunton, war hero Sir Anthony …

Mildly disappointed

3 stars

I’ve loved most of the books I’ve read by Stevermer, particularly A College of Magics, but while the language in this one was beautiful and the intrigue was kind of fun, by the end of the book I was disappointed. I felt like the end didn’t work with the rest of the book, and I didn’t care about any of the characters.