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Arlington Park is author Rachel Cusk’s seventh book.

it's a vibe

3 stars

A friend gave me their copy because they accidentally bought the book twice without realizing they already had this one - actually a pretty good metaphor for how I feel about the book. Not my favourite by her, but I still had an ok time reading it. Still trying to work out of a bit of a reading slump so I'm mostly going with what's easy and familiar. Maybe Rachel Cusk isn't "easy" exactly but you definitely know what you're getting into. Pages of weird drab low-key suburb/womanhood horror occasionally punctuated by passages of incredible depth or beauty or heartbreak. If you need a plot, this is not for you.

Station Eleven (Paperback, 2017, Harper Perennial) 5 stars

The international publishing sensation now available in paperback: an audacious, darkly glittering novel about art, …

It was fine

3 stars

Listened to this on audiobook, which it was pretty good for. I wasn't expecting much and therefore it met my expectations. I liked the structure of weaving together all the different storylines, it was decently well written. After a while I started getting annoyed at how useless everyone was after their tech stopped functioning, it's not like ALL knowledge disappears and suddenly people are like "huh, wow, I simply cannot fathom HOW airplanes worked?" idk.

Personal Attention Roleplay (2021, Metonymy Press) 4 stars


4 stars

This was a really fast, easy and fun read, and there was a lot to like about it - the stories were good-weird and slightly surreal and I definitely just fell into it and chomped through it quickly. The author is a really talented writer and I appreciated their perspective. However, it just sorta hit me at a bad time - most of the stories take place in Montreal (where I live) and it's the middle of winter and I'm just really sick of being here and I need my reading to be more of an escape. Which is totally not the book's fault, it's just where I'm at right now.

Children of Time (Paperback, 2015, Tor) 4 stars

Children of Time is the epic story of humanity's battle for survival on a terraformed …


5 stars

This was extremely good. Dunno why it took me a really long time to read... i kinda stalled out really hard halfway through but I suspect it was unrelated to the book itself and more just me. The end was really fun. I wasn't planning to read the sequel but I think I will now?

Black Sun (2020, Gallery / Saga Press) 4 stars

The first book in the Between Earth and Sky trilogy, inspired by the civilizations of …


4 stars

Listened to this over a weekend where I REALLY needed to escape, it was fun and engaging and I definitely got really wrapped up in the world. I didn't know very much going into it but I'd read another short story by this author that I really liked and I saw it recommend a bunch / nominated for hugo, etc. I thought the setting was extremely sick and want to learn more about how the author built the world. Lots of fantasy elements which is unfortunately not totally my jam, but I enjoyed it a lot nonetheless.

Klara and the Sun (Hardcover, 2021, Faber & Faber) 4 stars

From her place in the store, Klara, an Artificial Friend with outstanding observational qualities, watches …


3 stars

Read this mostly as a bedtime read, which it was good for - pretty easy and not too creepy (although slightly unsettling at times). It nodded to a few things that piqued my interest (AI, eco-sabotage, transhumanism?) But didn't really flesh out any of them, they were mostly just a vibe/backdrop for the story of the characters, which was fine. Ive really enjoyed some books that explore human-robot interactions - marge piercey's body of glass comes to mind - but this didn't quite do it for me in terms of making my brain stretch around those questions of how we relate to machines. Which I don't think was the point of the book, I think the point was to build the world up from the perceptions of the narrator (an android) and that part was done quite well.

Overall a totally fine read and well-written but just didn't scratch anything …

Hermetica (Paperback, Detritus Books) 5 stars

When Dase finds an old news article behind the wall panel of their module—an article …


5 stars

This was a super fun, short and satisfying read, with a twist that was not totally unexpected but still well done nonetheless. I was in a pretty serious reading slump when I picked this up, but I was pulled into Dase's world immediately thanks to the well-crafted (but accessible) writing, and was finished the book before I finished my second cup of coffee. It may have been a short read but I've been thinking about it since I finished, and passing my copy along to my queer, sci-fi loving friends. Looking forward to more from this Author!!