NGINX Cookbook (2020, O'Reilly Media, Incorporated) 4 stars

Does the job correctly

4 stars

I know I just wrote an angry post complaining, but tbfair the book is overall well written. Among all the nginx stuff (mostly on oreilly) I have read and watched, I think this is by far the best one.

It is succinct, straight to the point. Challenge, solution, and an example with explanation. Clean.

Originally I wanted to read the book because many parts of the fediverse have been under ddos-attack, and I was looking for ways to protect the servers I administer. And they are found.

I skipped a lot of the chapters as I don’t have an nginx plus, I don’t need a cdn, I don’t need a lot of the stuff.

It’s relatively well written, intuitive and thorough. Could be used as a study guide or a quick reference book.

Some basic understanding of nginx is needed to appreciate this book.