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Paladin's Grace (Hardcover, 2020, T Kingfisher) 5 stars

Stephen's god died on the longest day of the year…

Three years later, Stephen is …

the witcher but with nice people

5 stars

This was a great and conforting read. I olve every page of it while not being that much into fantasy or medieval stuffs. I wish more books have a more significant element of care like this book does.

reviewed Network Effect by Martha Wells

Network Effect (Paperback, 2021, 5 stars

Murderbot returns in its highly-anticipated, first, full-length standalone novel.

You know that feeling when you’re …


5 stars

Content warning spoilers!

Fugitive Telemetry (EBook, 2021, Tom Doherty Associates) 4 stars

No, I didn't kill the dead human. If I had, I wouldn't dump the body …

a bit disappointing after Network Effect

4 stars

It's kinda weird to get back to the novella format. the story also happens before Network Effect so that's also a bit going backward in terms of narratives and intensity.