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dorking around with old books for work and reading new books for fun; you can find me anywhere as wynkenhimself; she/her

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Trust (2022, Penguin Publishing Group) 4 stars

I knew where it was going, but a good ride

4 stars

I didn’t love this the way I did Diaz’s first book—this one felt a bit more obvious in how it was going to go about telling the story I could feel it wanted to tell about money. But it was also a good story, so I forgave some of its faults

No fond return of love (2009, Windsor) 4 stars

"Dulcie Mainwearing is always helping others, but never looks out for herself - especially in …

infuriating characters, amazing book

4 stars

I loved this! I did want to shake just about every single character for one thing or another but also I couldn’t stop reading it. This is much like how I feel about every Barbara Pym I’ve read, and I’m clearly going to need to read more. Extra points for being about indexers and writers.

Department of Rare Books and Special Collections (2022, Cengage Gale) 2 stars

What holds more secrets in the library: the ancient books shelved in the stacks or …

surprisingly horrid

2 stars

My BookishBookClub chose this as one of our fiction reads and wow we did not like it, and wow do I feel badly for my Fisher Library friends. Just not how libraries work and even worse, really bad about depression, and everyone is mean. Also, did I mention that libraries don't work this way and her account of the key Plantin polyglot is just weird? two stars because there's some nuggets in there but ymmv

Satisfaction Guaranteed (2021, Forever) 4 stars

For fans of Casey McQuiston and Abby Jimenez comes a bold, hilarious, and out-of-the-box novel …

sex positive queer women in love

4 stars

This was delightful, hits all the spots, if those spots are wanting to read a fun and sex-positive romance. One of the leads runs an art gallery and those details seem patently ridiculous, but the more important thing is that the other lead is a sex educator and they jointly inherit a failing sex toy shop. Will they fall in love? Will art gallery woman learn to enjoy sex? Will sex educator accept herself and her artistic talents? Of course!! And that’s one of the joys of reading this.

Persuasion (Paperback, 2004, Oxford World's Classics (Oxford University Press)) 4 stars

Persuasion tells the love story of Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth, whose sister rents …

no notes, just perfect

5 stars

rereading Jane Austen, as one does, and I just adore this one. Choose your Jane fighter and I will always choose Anne Elliott.

Hokuloa Road (2022, Little Brown & Company) 3 stars

On a whim, Grady Kendall applies to work as a live-in caretaker for a luxury …

Hawai'i is gorgeous, but be wary of saviors

3 stars

This was good! I'm generally a fan of Hand. Loved the atmosphere--just gorgeous lush descriptions of Hawai'i's culture and wildlife--and enjoyed a protagonist who wants to be doing good but always feels like he's messing up. There's a Cass Neary-ish-ness to this, but a lot less gore. Also, a lot less mysticism than I usually expect from her

Old books, rare friends (Paperback, 1998, Main Street Books/Doubleday) 4 stars

You'd think a book about antiquarian bookselling wouldn't be loaded with suspense or keep us …

Charming and insidery

4 stars

I’m pretty taken with these women, important rare book dealers and a tightly bound pair of friends. They’re the ones who dug about Louisa Alcott’s sensational pieces! Leona traveled to Strasberg by herself in 1936 to study books after Columbia refused to grant her a PhD! Their accounts of book rummaging and feminist takes on history are fun. Their family stories and their devoted friendship are delightful. Apparently they have a number of other co-written books that cover similar terrain. Good for book nerds and for asexual (and maybe aro?) companionship.

Homicide in hardcover (2009, Wheeler Pub.) 3 stars

murder is always a bestseller...first in the new bibliophile mystery series!The streets of San Francisco …

Ridiculous but fun for bibliophiles

3 stars

Ok I made fun of the glitches but also I had fun reading the book, and that’s the big thing. Details into conservation work! A faux Huntington Library! A commune that sells wine! Ridiculously handsome and gorgeous people! Next up she goes to Scotland so I am of course reading that.

Homicide in hardcover (2009, Wheeler Pub.) 3 stars

murder is always a bestseller...first in the new bibliophile mystery series!The streets of San Francisco …

She just referred to a forgery of “the Marlowe folio” and that isn’t a thing? There’s no Marlowe folio, never has been. This is even worse than perfecting your lipgloss before eating breakfast