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Even with nougat, you can have a perfect moment.

I am a very nagging person, a fan of terry pratchett, former fan of gaiman who might come back to him after I'm done with pratchett, life-long sherlockian, and some other labels I can't remember at the moment or haven't got yet. I also read layman maths books sometimes to try to save my hopeless academic writing.

Oh yes, books will be recorded in the language I read them in.

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commented on Moments Asunder by Dayton Ward

Moments Asunder (Paperback, 2021, Pocket Books) No rating

Starfleet's finest faces a challenge unlike any other. Tomorrow is doomed. Time is coming apart. …

I suppose this should be categoried as adventure / action, it is far from what I like about DS9. This is pretty much completing tasks - mystery solving - dashing everywhere to complete new levels, not really a genre I like. It's .... underwhelming that the authors wrote it out of the motivation to reconcile the continuity issues brought up by doing new ST series after the 15 years break. Stability of time-space continuum is overrated, stop your 3D-creature-centred point of view! (?

commented on Revenant by Alex White

Revenant (Paperback, 2021, Gallery Books) No rating

An all-new novel based on the landmark TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from …

everyone is still adorable. More Dax backstory esp the details of Joran, painful hinting of Julian's unrevealed secret, Worf being worf and Kira being Kira, Trill symbiosis commission being a terrible organisation ( so adorable, Dax gets best versed in creole/cajun food among all earth food because of Sisko! Julian introduced pizza to colleagues! Dax: you don't have a pot of gumbo waiting for me? I feel so unwelcomed.

(I wonder if I start with TNG novels, maybe I can learn to like the people better, then I would be able to watch the series (

A Stitch in Time (2000) No rating

A Stitch in Time (ISBN 0-671-03885-0), published June 5, 2000, is a Star Trek: Deep …

my only question is why didn't you be a writer yourself. But maybe because this is fanfic and not original story, it is different when you have to make up an original character with original stories. wow. I went for a closure, Andrew wrote it for his closure, it's perfect for me. Your Cardassian lifestyle is .... familiarly traumatic.

Tailor of Panama (2008) No rating

The Tailor of Panama is a 1996 novel by John le Carré. A 2001 film …

Content warning spoiler of ending

Ulysses (Paperback, 2019, AmazonClassics) No rating

Written over a seven-year period, from 1914 to 1921, this book has survived bowdlerization, legal …

听是听完了,跟没听一样,我什么都不记得,除了体验到了文体风格。我觉得这个还是以后看文字吧.... 那段剧本样式的用audiobook朗诵全文我真的跟不上,这个版本朗诵剧本的水平简直跟我念诗一样糟糕 然而我觉得可能我也不会看文本了,我听到记得的故事我都不喜欢,。。。。我就不喜欢这些人,没有办法,。。。。I understand but I don't have to like what I understand, is the thing

commented on Iliad by Homer

Iliad 5 stars

The Iliad (; Ancient Greek: Ἰλιάς, romanized: Iliás, Attic Greek: [iː.li.ás]; sometimes referred to as …

odyssey的故事更engaging一点,iliad实在是太多....风土人情了。人家死了之后感觉开了好久的运动会。 我没想到took divine intervention to take them down这么literal,真的好literal,。。。。。 希望你们神要打架最好自己下场打,少叫人打,然鹅Fry retold就讲了神造人就是来当pet的,当然我很难说这是不是Fry retelling的时候自己加的pov。刚刚听gaiman norse mythology前言他就也说retelling添油加醋是必然的(more or less)(不过我感觉到gaiman添油加醋跟Fry的晚八点档还是不会一个味道....)

Of Mice and Men (Paperback, 2002, Penguin Books) 4 stars

An intimate portrait of two men who cherish the slim bond between them and the …

突然想起来steinbeck就是写了愤怒的葡萄的那位,难怪,对拥有一片土地的梦想和给人打工的痛苦是跟那儿一脉相承(x 我觉得它还是对(dis)ability的痛苦处境具有sympathy的。都是社会的错!born disable和因为工伤disable和因为年老disable,都被置于一种担忧维生的处境里,但是这种要向人中的某一些prove worth,人中的另一些才能维生的环境,。。。。。

Black Skin, White Masks (Paperback, 2020, Penguin Books, Limited) 4 stars

Few modern voices have had as profound an impact as Frantz Fanon. A major influence …

虽然听audiobook时有走神,但是殖民伤痕呃—— 感觉书写的时间有点早吧,一些psychology理论现在已经不被承认/使用了。 somehow also learnt in the case study that abandonment leads to autistic-like behaviours (not born autism, but similar behaviours)

The Odyssey (Penguin Classics) (2006, Penguin Classics) 4 stars

The Odyssey (/ˈɒdəsi/; Greek: Ὀδύσσεια, Odýsseia) is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems …

咦,竟然编辑器记得六个月以前没发出去的文本... 当时写了: 奇怪,听的时候有听到the gate of ivory and the gate of horn, 怎么搜索文本就搜不到 搜到的源还是Aeneid,可是听Aeneid倒没有听到这个典?

这回听的也有!就是gate of ivory and gate of horn! 是athena给Penelope托梦之后penelope说gate of ivory里的是假预言,gate of horn是真预言!

anyway.... somehow又听了一遍Odyssey,但其实是因为这本是george blagden念的,我好奇... 事实证明that was not a good reason, 因为他自己的口音听着让人想扇人(x)就是... 跟hugh dancy平时说话一样的口音,我想了想决定这可能该被称作boarding school accent, it's very high and mighty and lordy, like, seems like humility but actually comes from a certain class 那种(。)

这本译本是Penguin,E. V. Rieu,相比而言我感觉.... 之前那版比较喜欢。这一版比较好跟得上,但是音韵不如之前那版那么严格地遵守重复,所以没那么韵律强烈。Funny thing is这版附了挺长一节introduction,是某种文本分析,里面还强调了这是oral poetry所以专注用重复来创造韵律,然而这个译本重复还没有别的本明显..... anyway. 至少sorta confirm我对lehman的采用韵律去搞成史诗风格不是信口开河()intro写的是挺有意思的.. 还有讲到荷马如何串联事件,不用时间顺序讲事,而是自然地由人物视角去讲过去的事,并且靠讲完故事后一句话把时间拉回目前,完成past and present的交织。尽管听到这我觉得这好像就是说... 一种纪传体史书写法?(这并不是史书!) 还讲到了荷马一般写英雄人物都是心里怎么想就怎么做,而反派固定写法是说一套做一套,而odyssey里的主句,奥德修斯一家三口,都说谎骗人,(这个版本形容词是nimble-witted和resourceful,我印象里之前那版甚至写了cunning?)是一种主人公为了match up with the villains,不得不跟他们一样行事,我:but that feels even sadder 还有讲到给弓上弦宛如minstrel给lyre上弦,这个比喻是重要的,因为bow and lyre are both symbols of apollo, 也因如此在整个scene结尾athena才进来,因为之前是apollo metaphor 行吧。 还有讲到如何拉近神和人的距离,me likey 总得来说就是intro不错,也许我该去读文本分析(我不想读东西!就是因为不想用眼睛才听的吗不是) 哎其实是想搞iliad的但是好像还没排得上reserve...

commented on Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Handmaid's Tale (Paperback, 1998, Anchor Books) 4 stars

It is the world of the near future, and Offred is a Handmaid in the …

I've seen better dystopia on ao3, really. There isn't enough discussion on more aspects of that soceity. The ideas are what I have already seen. I don't feel very emotional about the events or situation told. At this age, it doesn't even feel so far away from reality, which probably is why it lacks the impact, or the feeling of a high stake. This is just what we not-developed countries may be facing if you were born with below-average luck.

The most fun thing probably is the last chapter, when the historians look at the main story as historical materials. It reminds me of how I am viewing historical events, and probably I should be more empathetic towards them.

The Glass Menagerie (Paperback, 1987, New American Library) No rating

The Glass Menagerie was Tennesse Williams's first dramatic success. Though he went on to write …

This is an BBC radio drama version of it. Well it's a play ... radio drama is almost as good as staged version. I had liked the local theatre production of it. This radio drama version is also good. I like a version where Laura is not sooooo obviously sick and incapable, and where Amanda the mother is not so dramatique and desperate, and Tom is not soooo ... outward angry, even though he is. I like everyone in this version. And it has just the right taste of melancholy and of distant but haunting memory.

And I f-ing love the dialogues and the pace of the play, where to tell me what, the actions and words said and the symbolism and feelings at each moment, it is delibrate but not clumsy or forced. And thematically it hits my soft spots too, so what's not to love. The only bad …