Perry Rhodan: Andromeda (EBook, Deutsch language, 2012, Perry Rhodan digital) No rating

Man schreibt das Jahr 1312 Neuer Galaktischer Zeitrechnung: Ein geheimnisvoller Notruf bringt Perry Rhodan dazu, …

The book was recommended in the fediverse so I thought I'd give it a try, I quite like it so far. It has a few slightly stereotyped descriptions/tropes so far (love at first sight, ugh), but nothing that bothered me personally or that made me enjoy it any less.

@InfiniteTypewriters I guess a lot of it depends on the quality of translations and also if they're somewhat advertised in other countries, and after your comment I checked wikipedia and it seems there's some discussion especially in the US that it's not proper sci-fi so that might be a reason as well. Do you read in English or in German? As you've mentioned reading the description I guess you understand German?

@luceliest No, I meant reading the description of the series on Wikipedia. I can only read English.

I remember buying a book in a used bookstore back in the 1980s. It was translated from another language. It was part of a long series. That's why I bought it. I thought that if I liked it, I could really dive into it. I remember almost nothing about it. I recall that the characters were on some sort of large spacecraft. One was an alien who had a very fast metabolism. He was overweight, so he walked back and forth from one end of the ship to the other for several hours or days. Then he was thin again. My recollection is that the story was mediocre, so I never continued the series.

That font is one of the reasons I'm convinced that I read one of the books in the series. …