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Still exploring and figuring out how Bookwyrm works, and slowly updating my shelves. I love reading but am not reading much currently, I'm always happy about advice to make it easier to read regularly and of course about book recommendations ☺️

Reading mostly in German and English, sometimes French or Spanish.

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Originally published in 1968, Ursula K. Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea marks the first …

Slow, but captivating

4 stars

I really enjoyed listening to this audio book, my first read of a longer story by Ursula K Le Guin. In the beginning it was a bit slow, but the characters and especially the character development of Ged captivated me more and more. My only point of criticism is the casual sexism in the book, but which is reflected on by Ursula K Le Guin in the foreword very well.

Dawn (1997, Warner Books) 4 stars

Lilith Iyapo has just lost her husband and son when atomic fire consumes Earth—the last …

Can't get it out of my head

5 stars

Exciting read, one of the books I couldn't put down. It's a very interesting analysis of humans and how they live together, and thoughts about if a kind of "benevolent dictator" would make it better or worse. I feel like the book doesn't come to a conclusion on its own, but let's readers think about it and opens some really interesting questions I hadn't really thought about before. The characters and development are great, and the story is well written and very entertaining besides making me think.