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Still exploring and figuring out how Bookwyrm works, and slowly updating my shelves. I love reading but am not reading much currently, I'm always happy about advice to make it easier to read regularly and of course about book recommendations ☺️

Reading mostly in German and English, sometimes French or Spanish.

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44% complete! luce has read 11 of 25 books.

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@InfiniteTypewriters I guess a lot of it depends on the quality of translations and also if they're somewhat advertised in other countries, and after your comment I checked wikipedia and it seems there's some discussion especially in the US that it's not proper sci-fi so that might be a reason as well. Do you read in English or in German? As you've mentioned reading the description I guess you understand German?

Perry Rhodan: Andromeda (EBook, Deutsch language, 2012, Perry Rhodan digital) No rating

Man schreibt das Jahr 1312 Neuer Galaktischer Zeitrechnung: Ein geheimnisvoller Notruf bringt Perry Rhodan dazu, …

The book was recommended in the fediverse so I thought I'd give it a try, I quite like it so far. It has a few slightly stereotyped descriptions/tropes so far (love at first sight, ugh), but nothing that bothered me personally or that made me enjoy it any less.