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Dan Jones

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I'm a father, husband, web developer, and aspiring to be a lot of things.

My literary interests are mostly science fiction, fantasy, comics, and some occasional programming or parenting books.

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Influx (2015, Sphere) 5 stars

A tale set in a world in which technological advances have been suppressed finds particle …

Action-packed sci-fi thriller

4 stars

This was a very fun read. The science was very engaging, even if some of it was glossed over and a bit unbelievable. But it has compelling characters, and an entertaining storyline.

It's no surprise it's being adapted into a film.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel (Hardcover, 2013, William Morrow) 5 stars

A middle-aged man returns to his childhood home to attend a funeral. Although the house …

Very typical Neil Gaman.

5 stars

As I was reading this novel, I was pretty sure that the narrator was actually a version of The acknowledgement seems to acknowledge this.

The story follows a man in his forties, remembering a fantastic event from his childhood. Most of the novel follows this story, with the main character being a bookish seven year old boy with few friends, who gets trapped in a fight with beings from another reality.

A lot of the story is a commentary on memory, and for some time while reading, I thought that perhaps the entire fantasy story was a memory concocted by the narrator to cope with the shock of discovering his father's infidelity.

It's a quick read and very enjoyable. It would be appropriate for older children, but just as enjoyable for adults.

What the Heck Is EOS? (Hardcover, 2017, BenBella Books) 4 stars

Has your company struggled to roll EOS out to all levels of your organization? Do …

Review of 'What the Heck Is EOS?' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I read this for my job. This is the program that my company uses to organize all its operations.

Having seen it in operation for the past three months, I can say that why applied well, it can really help a company work well.

I can definitely think of several companies I've worked at before that would have benefited from this program.

Although, I would also say that this definitely only works as part of the effort. This doesn't define company culture, which is also an important part of a functioning company.

It also doesn't seem like a program that would work for a very large company. Several hundred employees would be difficult to organize with EOS, I think.