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Mercifully quick

2 stars

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Listen, I’m no hater. I know lots of people love these books. I’m taking it at face value.

The reason why the acting in the movies is so stilted is because these characters behave in bizarre ways. It’s kind of fun to read, though. My first time reading this author’s work.

Busy Doing Nothing (EBook) 5 stars

We are artist and sailors, and have been living, and working from our sailboat since … is a good writer. They make a captain’s log interesting to read without skimping on the details. The doodles are delightful too.

I don’t have enough seafaring vocabulary to understand 100% what’s going on but I’m getting the general feel of things. And maybe picking up a concept or two. Especially because the book stops to explain the more complicated things.

Overall, a breezy fun read so far!

The Anatomy of Fascism (2004, Knopf) 4 stars

Excellent introduction to fascism

4 stars

This book takes an interesting approach to defining fascism by dissecting its historical manifestations and then finding what they all have in common. He makes a distinction between fascism and authoritarianism that I hadn’t thought about before. He argues that fascism isn’t simply a subset of authoritarianism because of some key factors like counterrevolutionary tactics and relationships to other institutions.

I’m not a scholar in this field but my main criticism would be that if we define fascism to be so narrow, then it becomes a little unwieldy to fight against. It’s impractical but maybe for the interests of researchers and historians, this is the right move.

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